Shelley & William

It was Halloween when Shelley and William got married at the Brittland Manor in Chestertown, Maryland. With a fall feeling in the air and stunning views of the Chester River, this venue was the perfect backdrop for a romantic, autumn wedding.

Eleven Courses Catering: A Private Chef Approach

It takes a passion for food and years of culinary tours around the world to produce a catering business like Eleven Courses. Chef Jim Benson has always had a knack for artistry and has combined this with his love of cooking to deliver mouthwatering menus that keep everyone coming back for more.

Abby & Brennan

You can take the girl out of Baltimore, but you can’t take the Baltimore out of the girl! B-more native and Ravens fan, Abby, got married to her best friend, Brennan (a Steelers fan—the scandal!) in true Baltimore fashion.

Jessica & Logan

When we’re in high school, we think that every relationship we have is going to last forever and that each person we date (or even just have a crush on) is going to be the one. Most of the time, it doesn’t work out that way; however, every once in a while it does. When Jessica and Logan met in their ninth grade Spanish class, they had no idea that they were going to be one of those lucky few.

Chelsea & Tyler

Labor Day may have passed and the days may be getting shorter, but summer isn’t over yet! We’re holding on to the season and reminiscing about Chelsea and Tyler’s beautiful, bayside wedding at Water’s Edge Events Center.

Kaitlin & Kyle

Walters Art Museum is me as a venue, with an art historical background, a love a travel, and a classic and timeless sense of design.